Not sure how you can tell someone you love them and be so uninterested at the same time

Not sure how you can tell someone you love them and be so uninterested at the same time

I don't know what in the hell happened, but our phone call ended like it usually does and then the next thing I know it, he's totally blocked me and have no idea why. I have thought about what might've have happened and it could be something I said, but don't know for sure. Yes I've called and texted and that's when I realized what he did. Now he's supposed to be in town in the next week or so and whether he likes it or not, I'm pretty sure he's expecting me to ask like WTF? So how do I approach the situation? I won't be rude and demand that he talk to me. I'll ask nice if I we can talk but I have this funny feeling he's gonna say no. How does someone just drop off like that and not give any reason? What's bugging me the most is not knowing what happened and if I made the mistake is like to know what it is and try and fix it somehow. Anyone have any suggestions on ways I can approach this without making the situation worse?

Well I'm quite a dummy! It was clear all along. My boyfriend of 7 months was a fat on this scale. Which is probably why he just dumped me.

I recently started seeing a guy and we hit it off great and things have been good up until last Wednesday

A girl told me that my crush who I was texting is a player i asked hjm about it on snapchat and he unfreinded me . The next day I asked him why he unfreinded me. And he said he didn't want to talk to me. He then blocked me. A month later he keeps adding and unadding me on snapchat whenever I add him then he unaddeds me when he opens my snaps. Then he stopped after 2 months now he is doing it again ive already apologized to him but he wont say anything . What does he want from me ?

Well he doesnt want to see me, tbh were almost in a relationship for two years and we havrnt seen each other yet (though he used to stalk me bfre) we never dated, we never kiss yet, not even sex

So I have a crush on a boy. So my best girl friend talk to him and he talks to her about me and he saying that I want to date her. But my girl friend tells me what he said. Whenever I text him I'm always the one who start texting him. Then he blocked me on is quiver free iMessage and on Snapchat. So I don't know what to do. He also stares at me and copy's me whenever I flip my hair he did the same thing. I feel like he playing with me and my girl. I'm upset that he hasn't talked to me yet or saying anything to me.

Um..... he MAY be nervous OR He very well knows he is good looking and many girls crush on her and all that stuff.....BUT....if your gut says that he is playing with you orif you feel so, it is better to move on!

He's not that into you. He's not ready for anything and waiting around for him to be will only hurt you.

Hi. We never do things like that... And hes always making excuses and hes always getting mad if im asking him to go out with me. He lied to me, hes always making excuses.making up stories.. Idk anymore.