Brand new closest one Whitehouse could get so you can refuting you to blog post was next passage:

Brand new closest one Whitehouse could get so you can refuting you to blog post was next passage:

The twenty-eight,100000 You soldiers forever stationed in the Republic off Korea testify with the proceeded imperialist control of your southern area half of new Korean country.

Foreign occupation away from Korea continues now, and you will Marxist-Leninists need certainly to gauge the measures of DPRK into the framework out of an ongoing federal liberation battle

While the ISO’s article is actually packed with symptoms towards the Marxist-Leninists and their updates with the DPRK, they presented no actual rebuttal of your portion on Fight back!

FRSO, like, dwells towards the a system off societal characteristics detailed with common health exposure and you will knowledge, in addition to free houses. So it checklist are superior to possess a nation away from Northern Korea’s limited information. This is simply not superior, yet not, to possess a country where in actuality the state control everything you. The state needs to offer healthcare, studies and you may property, since there are no organizations beyond your condition–if you do not number Kim’s Experts Party, which is sure with the official and you will penetrates all facets of Northern Korean life. (4)

Observe that Whitehouse cannot problem the informative assertions in the Fight! Development post over Korean socialism. Whitehouse is supported toward embarrassing status out-of admitting that the record of your own DPRK’s personal features are ‘remarkable’, a stunning entry for a company whose declaration of values claims that actually established socialist nations, such as for example Democratic Korea, “have nothing regarding socialism.” (5) Alternatively, brand new ISO tries to downplay this type of ‘remarkable’ achievements by the noting the condition is the merely arranged entity in the Korean society with the capacity of delivering these types of services. Read more