But sometimes a longer-form sext is a nice surprise when you’re trying to get your partner thoroughly hot and bothered

But sometimes a longer-form sext is a nice surprise when you’re trying to get your partner thoroughly hot and bothered

Advanced Sexting Ideas

– “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow night. In the mean time, try not to think about how wet I get/hard my cock gets around you. That will just make the wait even harder.”

– “I’m delaying showering/washing my hands for as long as I can because I love having your scent on me”

– “I want to drain every drop of cum out of you tonight” (are you brave enough to discover the darkest, deepest desires of what men really want from you in a relationship? Check this out…)

– “I love the feeling of you filling up my throat” (- learn how to deepthroat like a pro by clicking here)

– “You little brat. Every time you’re a brat like this, I store it in my mind, and will be taking it out on your beautiful little body the next time I get my hands on you. So keep it up at your own peril… ;)”

– “Work is really boring today. Can I come over and sit on your face instead? That’d be great. Thanksssssssss see you soon.”

– “I’m going to choke you so fucking hard tonight while I fuck you. You’ll breathe when I decide you’re allowed to.”

– “Say goodbye to your parents forever. Because tonight I am going to literally sit on your face until you die… #assphyxiation”

– “After the next time we fuck, you’re going to have a hard time sitting down for at least a week. #BiteMarksAndHandPrintsGalore”

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Creative Sexting Ideas

– “Lets play two truths and a lie. I’ll go first. 1) I’m so fucking wet right now. 2) I miss you and wish you were here fucking me/filling me with your cum. My greatest secret is that if I ever sneeze three times in a row I will turn into a bicycle for the rest of time, so whenever I sneeze twice, I bite my lip really hard to avoid my dire/inevitable fate. Okay… guess!”

– Meme caption: “When she asks you to cum in her mouth for the first time” *image of man on one knee proposing*

BONUS: Sext Stories

Most of the time, a short, punchy round of sexting is all that’s needed to get the erotic juices flowing live escort reviews Fort Worth in your relationship.

Here are a few sample sext stories that you can use as inspiration. As always, use these as loose examples, and find a way to create a sexy story that pertains more to your partners/your own sexual proclivities.

Sexting Story 1:

I just picked up a four corner bed restraint system and I have this very persistent and specific visual that I can’t shake.

You’re lying on your back. You have the ball gag in your mouth. Your ankles and wrists are tied to each corner of the bed and the spreader is locking your legs into place so you can’t squirm.

There’s a vibrator on your clit and I have two fingers inside of you. I feel your leg starting to shake and I know that you want to cum again. I put my left hand under your head, grab a fistful of hair, and lift your head off the mattress so you can look into my eyes.